If you’d prefer adopting an unusual or exotic pet instead of a cat or dog, continue reading to discover a list of the top 10 unusual pets, which you can legally adopt.

The top 10 unusual pets:

1. Corn snakes
As corn snakes aren’t venomous and are relatively easy to care for, if you like the idea of owning a snake, it’s well worth purchasing a corn snake as a starter snake. As an added benefit, corn snakes come in a wide variety of colors and you can even purchase pastel colored corn snakes.
2. Chinchillas
Chinchillas are small round rodents which are slighter larger than squirrels and which are native to the Andes Mountains, which are located in South America. However chinchillas are commonly available at pet stores around the world.
3. Sugar gliders
Sugar gliders are nocturnal gliding possums and which have the ability to glide through the air. If you’re interested in purchasing an exotic pet, you may want to consider purchasing a sugar gliding. Just keep in mind that sugar gliders should be purchased in pairs as they enjoy constant companionship.
4. Bearded dragons
If you’re a fan of reptiles, you’ll be able to get your hands on a bearded dragon at a local pet store. Bearded dragons make great pets due to their calm, docile nature. As an added bonus, most bearded dragons live for around 14 years.
5. Capybaras
Capybaras are large rodents which look like oversized guinea pigs and which usually weigh around 130-140 pounds. While it’s legal to own a capybara in most states, they do require a swimming pool to play in and a large outdoor section to roam around.
6. Skunks
You may be surprised to learn that skunks are among the most affectionate exotic pets. In fact, skunks are even known to bond with their owners and to seek out their owners in order to play. In captivity skunks are de-scented so that their owners don’t have to worry about dealing with their strong scent.
7. Toucans
While toucans are best known for their colorful, large beaks, toucans actually make affectionate pets and will cuddle with their owners. This may be due to the fact that in the wild toucans sleep cuddled up next to members of their flock. So if you’re keen to adopt a bird, consider adding a toucan to your family.
8. Kinkajous
What is a kinkajou? Kinkajous look as if they are a cross breed between a monkey and a racoon and are nocturnal animas. If taken care of properly they make affectionate loving pets. Kinkajous primarily eat nectar and honey and are sometimes referred to as honey bears.
9. Axlotls
Axlots are sometimes referred to as walking fish and are a unique type of amphibian. Unlike most amphibians axolotls actually have four legs which they can walk on.
10. Boa constrictors
If you’re not afraid of large snakes, you may like the idea of raising a boa constrictor. Although they may seem intimidating boa constrictors do not have an aggressive nature and tolerate being handled quite well.
Hopefully after reading the list above, you’ve found a few possibilities of unusual pets which you may want to consider adopting.

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