• There are few experiences as rewarding as traveling frequently. It’s a chance to experience the world first hand and to learn about diverse cultures. Doing so, however, requires a bit of planning and thinking about your trips before you make them. Here we will list a few items that every traveler should have in order to make their trips more… [Continue Reading]

    5 Things Every Frequent Traveler Needs
  • Most of us take the city we live in for granted and simply go about our daily lives without giving much thought to the many complex processes that shaped it into what it is today. At the same time, we often find ourselves frustrated with certain aspects of our cities such as traffic jams, pollution, or crime and advocate changes… [Continue Reading]

    What Goes Into Designing a City? – Reddy Kancharla
  • Silicon Valley has an insatiable need for talent, and university heads like Northwestern Polytechnic University Peter Hsieh must plan for that need accordingly. So here are some things top universities are doing to train and educate the next generation of Big Tech’s workforce: Offering more computer science courses It’s no secret that Silicon Valley is home to some of the… [Continue Reading]

    Educating a Big Tech Workforce – Northwestern Polytechnic University Peter Hsieh

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