What is a Continental Island

If you’re not sure what a continental island is or you’d love to learn more facts about continental islands, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover everything that you need to know about continental islands.

What is a continental island?

Simply put a continental island is an island which is located within a short distance of a continent. To qualify as a continental island, an island must also be geologically related to the same continent. Furthermore continental islands are also always located on a continent’s continental shelf.

What is an example of a well known continental island:
Great Britain is an example of a continental island. Although it is technically an island as it is not physically attached to continental Europe, it is located within a stone’s throw of France and is also geologically related to Europe. Which makes Great Britain a prime example of a continental island.
What are some other common examples of continental islands?
Some common examples of continental islands include Borneo, Java, Sumatra, Taiwan, New Guinea and Sicily. You may even be surprised to learn that Long Island, which is located in the state of New York is also a continental island.
Are there different types of continental islands?
Yes, there is a sub group of continental islands which are classed as being microcontinental islands. These islands were originally created as a result of a continent experiencing a serious rift. Some examples of well known microcontinental islands include New Zealand, which is comprised of two major islands and a few smaller islands as well as Madagascar. The latter of which was once part of continental Africa.
Are there any other interesting causes of continental islands?
Yes, some continental islands have been caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. While other continental islands are formed by a change in sea level. As an example, Mont Saint-Michel which is a small island which is located just off the coast of France, was created as a result of rising sea levels. As you could originally walk to the historic buildings which are located on the island of Mont Saint-Michel.
Will the number of continental islands which exist in the world increase over time?
Yes, the number of continental islands which exist in the world increases each year as the polar ice caps continue to melt as a direct result of global warming. So you can definitely expect continental islands to start appearing off the coasts of every continent in the world. Although as a result of global warming some continental islands will disappear altogether.
What are some of the most unique continental islands in the world to explore?
Madagascar is one of the most interesting continental islands to explore as it is home to flora and fauna that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. As an example, there are rare species of lemurs which only exist in Madagascar and you won’t be able to find baobab trees anywhere else in the world.
Hopefully you now understand what a continental island is and why continental islands exist. Depending on your location you may have discovered that you live on a continental island.

Dads Against Drunk Driving

To discover why so many dads are speaking out about the dangers of drink driving, simply continue reading in order to find out about some of the key reasons why most dads are firmly against drink driving culture.

Dads against drunk driving: Why fathers want to discourage individuals from driving drunk

1. Dads of teens and young adults know how prevalent it is for youngster to drink and drive
One of the primary reasons why so many dads are vocal about how dangerous it is for individuals to drink and drive is that a high percentage of teenagers and young adults drink and drive. So it’s natural for dads to be concerned about drink driving culture as they may be concerned that their own children may be pressured to drink and drive by their peers.
2. Anyone can end up being the victim of a crash caused by an inebriated driver
Dads of kids who drive responsibly and would never drink drive, are often still vocal about the dangers of drink driving as they know that anyone can end up being the unfortunate victim of a crash caused by an inebriated driver.
While dads of teens and young adults may be worried about a drunk individual hitting their kid’s car as a result of being drunk, most dads will also be worried about their other family members being killed by drunk drivers. As an example, concerned dads may worry that their spouse or their parents may be killed by a drunk driver.
3. When individuals drive when they’re drunk they put everyone on the road at risk
In fact, when individuals drive when they’re drunk, they effectively put everyone on the road at risk. As when individuals are drunk their ability to make rational, logical decisions is impaired. So even if a driver is a particularly skilled driver, if they choose to drive when they’re drunk, they won’t be able to drive nearly as well as they normally drive.
4. Dad’s want to show their kids just how much that they care about them
Many dads are vocal about their thoughts about drunk driving as they want their kids to know just how much they care about them. As most dads want to protect their kids from harm. Some dads may even believe that if they show their kids how much they care about their safety on the road, that they’ll never consider driving after drinking.
5. Dad’s were young once and know what it’s like to feel pressured to drink
As dads were young once, they know how common it is for teens and young adults to be peer pressured by their friends to drink, in order to fit in. So dads can understand just how tempting it may be for their kids to give in and to drive home after drinking with friends or to drop their friends home after drinking at a party or social event.
6. If drink driving culture is brought to an end countless lives will be saved
Dads know that if drink driving culture is not tolerated by youngsters, that countless lives will be saved as a direct result.
The six examples listed above are just a few of the many reasons why many dads are choosing to speak out about drunk driving.

Clever Home DIY Tips

If you’re looking for a few creative DIY tips which you’ll be able to use to transform your home, you’ve come to the right place. As if you continue reading you’ll discover a handy list of simple, fuss free DIY projects.

Clever Home DIY Tips:

1. Use decorative wallpaper to spruce up your dresser
If you have a plain dresser in your bedroom, which you’d love to give a new lease of life, it’s well worth using decorative wallpaper, to instantly transform the look of your dresser. To completely transform the look of your old dresser, simply change your dressers handles out, after you decorate it with your chosen wallpaper.
2. Sew pom pom trimming onto your existing throw pillows, blankets and curtains
If you’d love your home to look a little more glamorous, simply grab your sewing machine and sew pom pom covering trimming onto the edges of your existing throw pillows, blankets and curtains. This is a particularly great idea if you don’t want to spend a fortune on purchasing new pillows, curtains or blankets to decorate your lounge, bedroom or study.
3. Sew a large pocket onto the front of one of your throw pillows
If you’re forever losing track of your TV remote, simply sew a large pocket onto the front of one of your throw pillows. So that you’ll be able to keep your remote safely tucked away in your pillow’s pocket, when you’re not using it.
4. Use inexpensive brass tacks in order to decorate the sides of your coffee tables and bedside tables
By pushing brass tacks into the sides of your coffee tables and bedside tables, you’ll instantly be able to update the look of your plain coffee tables and bedside tables. Just be sure to use a ruler to mark out a line, which you can pencil in, to place your tacks along. So that your tacks form a straight, decorative line around the sides of your chosen tables.
5. Hang up old doorknobs in your bathroom to hang your towels on
It’s well worth picking up a few old doorknobs which you can hang up on your bathroom wall, in order to hang your towels on. You can even paint your old doorknobs so that they match your bathroom’s color scheme. This is a great idea if you don’t want to purchase an expensive towel rack or are looking for an option which boasts a little extra charm.
6. Hang up a clear plastic shoe organizer in your kitchen to store your snacks
If you’re looking for a practical, fun way to organize your kitchen snacks, simply hang up a clear plastic shoe organizer in your kitchen. As you’ll be able to store different types of snacks such as muesli bars and dried fruits in different pockets. If you have children, they’ll love grabbing snacks from your makeshift snack organizer.
7. Keep leftover paint in small jars
When you finish a paint job, pour a bit of excess paint into a small jar. Which you can then use if the wall which you painted requires a touch up in the future.
Best of all, you can complete all of the home DIY tips listed above in a single afternoon. So if you love quick and easy DIY projects it’s well worth attempting some of the projects that are listed above.

The Top 10 Unusual Pets

If you’d prefer adopting an unusual or exotic pet instead of a cat or dog, continue reading to discover a list of the top 10 unusual pets, which you can legally adopt.

The top 10 unusual pets:

1. Corn snakes
As corn snakes aren’t venomous and are relatively easy to care for, if you like the idea of owning a snake, it’s well worth purchasing a corn snake as a starter snake. As an added benefit, corn snakes come in a wide variety of colors and you can even purchase pastel colored corn snakes.
2. Chinchillas
Chinchillas are small round rodents which are slighter larger than squirrels and which are native to the Andes Mountains, which are located in South America. However chinchillas are commonly available at pet stores around the world.
3. Sugar gliders
Sugar gliders are nocturnal gliding possums and which have the ability to glide through the air. If you’re interested in purchasing an exotic pet, you may want to consider purchasing a sugar gliding. Just keep in mind that sugar gliders should be purchased in pairs as they enjoy constant companionship.
4. Bearded dragons
If you’re a fan of reptiles, you’ll be able to get your hands on a bearded dragon at a local pet store. Bearded dragons make great pets due to their calm, docile nature. As an added bonus, most bearded dragons live for around 14 years.
5. Capybaras
Capybaras are large rodents which look like oversized guinea pigs and which usually weigh around 130-140 pounds. While it’s legal to own a capybara in most states, they do require a swimming pool to play in and a large outdoor section to roam around.
6. Skunks
You may be surprised to learn that skunks are among the most affectionate exotic pets. In fact, skunks are even known to bond with their owners and to seek out their owners in order to play. In captivity skunks are de-scented so that their owners don’t have to worry about dealing with their strong scent.
7. Toucans
While toucans are best known for their colorful, large beaks, toucans actually make affectionate pets and will cuddle with their owners. This may be due to the fact that in the wild toucans sleep cuddled up next to members of their flock. So if you’re keen to adopt a bird, consider adding a toucan to your family.
8. Kinkajous
What is a kinkajou? Kinkajous look as if they are a cross breed between a monkey and a racoon and are nocturnal animas. If taken care of properly they make affectionate loving pets. Kinkajous primarily eat nectar and honey and are sometimes referred to as honey bears.
9. Axlotls
Axlots are sometimes referred to as walking fish and are a unique type of amphibian. Unlike most amphibians axolotls actually have four legs which they can walk on.
10. Boa constrictors
If you’re not afraid of large snakes, you may like the idea of raising a boa constrictor. Although they may seem intimidating boa constrictors do not have an aggressive nature and tolerate being handled quite well.
Hopefully after reading the list above, you’ve found a few possibilities of unusual pets which you may want to consider adopting.

8 Home and Garden Tips

If you’re always on the lookout for useful home and garden tips, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover 8 creative home and garden tips, that you’ll enjoy using and which will make your life a little easier.

8 Home and Garden Tips:

1. Paint smooth stones with images of the different plants which you plan to grow
If you often struggle to tell different seedlings apart when they’re growing, it’s a great idea to paint smooth stones with images of the different plants which you plan to grow. As you’ll be able to use your stones as makeshift markers in order to easily identify each of your different plants.
As an example, you could paint a tomato on one stone and lettuce on another stone. One advantage of using stone markers is that you’ll be able to identify plants before your seeds start to sprout.
2. Plant your seedlings in lemon rinds
Did you know that it’s possible to grow a seedling in a hollowed out lemon rind? Just be sure to fill your hollowed out lemon rind with a bit of soil, so that your seedling will have all the nutrients which it will need in order to thrive. As a bonus, when it’s time to plant your seedling in a pot or in your garden, you’ll be able to use your used lemon rind in your compost. If you make your own homemade compost for your garden.
3. Recycle your used coffee pods to grow new seedlings
If you’re lucky enough to own a coffee machine which uses capsules or pods such as k cups, you’ll be able to use your used pods to grow your seedlings. Once your seedlings have sprouted, you’ll be able to plant them in a pot or in your garden.
4. Purchase large clear plastic bins to use as mini greenhouses
Did you know that large clear plastic bins can be effectively used as makeshift mini greenhouses?
5. Use a wet rubber glove in order to get rid of your pet’s hair
If you pet routinely sheds on your furniture, simply use a wet rubber glove to quickly and efficiently get rid of unwanted pet hair. This is a great tip to keep in mind when you’re tidying your home in preparation for guests. As some individuals are allergic to pet hair.
6. Repurpose a coffee filter as a window and mirror cleaner
If you struggle to clean your windows and mirrors, simply use a coffee filter to effortlessly clean your windows and mirrors.
7. Place a thin pair of tights or stockings over your vacuum cleaner’s nozzle
If you’re sick of small items such as coins and hair pins getting stuck in your vacuum cleaner, simply place one foot of a thin pair of tights or stockings over your vacuum cleaner’s nozzle.
8. Use your microwave to clean your sponges
Place your used sponges in your microwave for 1-2 minutes on a high setting in order to kill all of the bacteria which may be present in your sponges.
So what are you waiting for? Why not choose one of the handy tips listed above in order to test it out. Who knows you may have found a hack that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life!

Everything You Need To Know About Emmanuelle Chirqui

If you’re a fan of Emmanuelle Chriqui, simply continue reading to discover a list of 10 fascinating facts about Emmanuelle Chriqui. If you’re lucky you may even discover a fact about Chriqui that surprises you.

Everything that you need to know about Emmanuelle Chriqui:

1. Emmanuelle Chirqui is a successful actress who has appeared in movies as well as tv shows
Some examples of Emmanuelle Chriqui movies and tv shows include Entourage, the Mentalist, Shut Eye, Super Troopers 2, The Borgias and Wrong Turn.
Chirqui is best known for her reoccurring role as Sloan Mc Quewick in the hit tv series Entourage, which was shown between 2004 and 2011. As Chirqui’s character was popular with Entourage fans, Chriqui was asked to reprise her role in the film Entourage which was released in 2015. Due to fan interest in an Entourage movie.
2. Chirqui was born in Canada
If you assumed that Chirqui was born in the US, think again. Emmanuelle Chirqui was born on the 10th of December, 1975, in Montreal, Canada. Chirqui later moved to Vancouver with her parents and her siblings.
3. Chirqui’s first role as a child actress was in a Mc Donalds commercial
Emmanuelle Chirqui has been acting since she was a child. Chirqui’s first paid role was in a Mc Donalds commercial, when she was just 10 years old. If you’re familiar with the show Are You Afraid of The Dark, you may have watched Chirqui in one of her first tv roles.
4. Chirqui starred in a film with Beyonce Knowles
You may be surprised to learn that Chirqui has appeared in a film with Beyonce. Both ladies starred in the movie Cadillac Records.
5. She has voiced a character in a video game
Emmanuelle Chirqui voiced a character in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops, which was released in 2010.
6. Her parents were born in Morocco
While Chirqui was born in Canada both of her parents were born in Morocco.
7. Chirqui has voiced a cartoon character
Chirqui provided the voice for Cheetara, a character who appeared in the 2011 cartoon series Thundercats. However, she has yet to voice an animated character in a feature film.
8. She has appeared in numerous ads throughout her career
Some examples of some of the products which Chirqui has previously promoted include Eclipse gum, Budweiser beer and Baume & Mercrier. The latter of which is a brand which produces Swiss watches.
9. She can fluenty speak French
Although Chirqui is yet to appear in a French film, she is a fluent French speaker.
10. She has appeared in a few well known music video
Chirqui was the star of Hinder’s music video for their songLips of an Angel, which was first released back in 2005. If you’re a fan of Chirqui, it’s well worth searching Youtube for a video clip of the official video.
Hopefully you have discovered at least a couple of fun new facts about Emmanuelle Chriqui. So what are you waiting for why not binge watch a few of her movies and tv shows?

Unique Feng Shui Tips

Whether you’re aware of some of the basic principles of Feng Shui or you’re new to the world of Feng Shui, simply continue reading to discover a few unique Feng Shui tips to try out.

Unique Feng Shui Tips:

1. Use gold items to decorate your home and to attract wealth and abundance
If you follow Feng Shui, you’ll know that in the practice of Feng Shui, the color gold can be used to attract wealth and abundance. One simple way to incorporate gold elements into your home’s decor is to use gold accents in your interior decor.
As examples, you may want to use gold frames in order to display your family photos as well as your favorite pieces of art. Alternatively, you may be interested in purchasing gold vases and mirrors in order to add a touch of gold to your home.
If you’re not a fan of gold decorations, you can also opt to use purple decorations to add a bit of color to your home. As in Feng Shui purple is also associated with money and wealth.
2. Place a small water feature in your home
In Feng Shui running water is often associated with wealth. So it’s a great idea to place a small water feature, such as a small water fountain in your home. If it’s not feasible to have a water feature in your home, simply place a painting of a waterfall in your bedroom, office or lounge, in order to attract unlimited wealth into your life.
Alternatively, you may want to place a water fountain, which runs into a decorative pond, in your garden. Which is a particularly great idea if you feel at peace, when you’re spending quiet time in your garden.
3. Place healing crystals around your home
It’s also a fun idea to place healing crystals around your home as in Feng Shui crystals are thought to emit positive energy. As crystals are found deep in the Earth and contain abundant energy from the Earth’s core. One example of a crystal, which you may want to display in your home is Amethyst, which can purify the energy in your home. Other crystals which have healing energies include pyrite, citrine and clear quartz. The latter of which will also help you attract money into your life.
4. Place multiple mirrors around your home
Why should you place mirrors around your home? In the study and practice of Feng Shui mirrors are thought to provide individuals with positive new opportunities to improve their lives. As an added benefit mirrors are also thought to attract joy, light and love into individual’s lives.
5. Rid your home of unnecessary clutter
While clutter may seem harmless, in Feng Shui having a cluttered home can lead to feeling confused or overwhelmed. So it’s definitely well worth taking some time out of your busy day in order to rid your home of all of the items which you no longer want or need. As a bonus, by ridding your home of clutter, you’ll show the universe that you’re ready to receive new items and a abundance of wealth.
Regardless of whether you’re previously studied Feng Shui or you’re interested in using the principles of Feng Shui to your advantage, it’s well worth keeping the five tips listed above in mind.

Business Travel Tips

In order to ensure that your future business trips are fuss free and comfortable, continue reading to discover a wide array of invaluable business travel tips.

Business Travel Tips:

1. Try to book your flights through a single airline
It’s well worth making an effort to book all of your future business flights through a single airline. So that you can quickly earn reward points, which you’ll be able to use on free flights. As you may be surprised at just how quickly you accumulate reward points, if you travel for business on a frequent basis.
2. Select seats on planes which are located next to exits
In order to ensure that you’re one of the first individuals to get off your flights, it’s a great idea to book seats on planes which are located right next to each plane’s exit. So that you’ll be able to get through security and customs as quickly as possible. Especially if you plan on heading straight from a flight to an important meeting.
3. Travel with two smart phones
While you may be able to get away with traveling with a single smart phone, if you carry around a charger or an extra battery pack, it’s a great idea to travel with two smart phones. That way if you have any issues with one smart phone, you won’t be stuck without a way to contact your clients, suppliers or business partners. As an example, you may to travel with your personal smart phone as well as the smart phone which you use to make business calls.
4. Opt to fly with airlines which offer affordably priced in-flight internet
While in the past you may not have been able to access the internet during your flights, these days a growing number of international airlines have begun to offer affordable, reliable internet. That you’ll be able to use in order to respond to important business emails. In-flight internet is especially important when you take long haul flights over 6 hours. As you may receive urgent emails that require a quick, timely response.
5. Make the most of business lounges
If you travel for business on a regular basis, it’s well worth purchasing access to business lounges. As you’ll be able to conduct business on your laptop and smart phone in a comfortable area, which offers food and drinks as well as a fast, reliable internet connection. Some business lounges even offer showers, which you can use to freshen up before or after a long haul flight. Which is especially useful if you plan on traveling straight from a flight to a business meeting.
If you’re not interested in purchasing a yearly membership to a business class lounge, many lounges around the world offer day passes, which you can pick up for a small amount of money.
6. Invest in a high quality pair of noise cancelling headphones
In order to be able to work on the go, make sure to invest in a pair of high quality, noise cancelling headphones.
So if you foresee yourself traveling for business on a regular basis in the future, it’s well worth testing out as many of the six travel tips listed above as possible.

Finance Tips for Saving Money

As it’s important to start putting aside money for your future, you can’t go wrong continuing reading in order to discover a few finance tips which will help you save a large amount of money.

Finance Tips for Saving Money:

1. Put a lower daily limit on your credit card
In order to limit your spending, it’s a great idea to contact your bank or credit card company in order to have a lower daily limit placed on your credit card. As that way, you won’t have the ability to go on a shopping spree on a whim and will have to think twice before purchasing a large ticket item.
2. Choose a credit card that offers low transaction fees
If your current credit card features high transaction fees, it’s definitely well worth applying for a new credit card through a company who offers fairer transaction fees. As while transaction fees may seem small, over the course of a year you’ll be surprised at how much money you may spend on transaction fees. Especially if you use your credit card to pay for everyday items.
3. Cut down on the amount of credit cards which you use
If you currently use more than one credit card, it’s well worth paying off your extra credit cards and cutting up your extra credit cards. As it’s not a wise idea to have multiple credit cards which you can use to make purchases if you’re serious about increasing the amount of money which you save each month. Instead try to limit yourself to using one credit card and aim to pay for the rest of your expenses via online banking or an every day transaction card.
4. Set yourself a budget before you attend a social event
Instead of purchasing several rounds of drinks when you catch up with your friends and purchasing expensive meals, make sure to set yourself a clear budget before you attend your social event. Otherwise, you may get a fright when you log into your online bank account the next day.
5. When you visit a cafe purchase cabinet food instead of food from a menu
If you do enjoy eating out on a regular basis, you can save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year, by making an effort to purchase inexpensive cabinet food. As the food which cafes sell in their cabinets is normally a fraction of the price of the food which they serve on their menus.
As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to see exactly what you’re getting, whereas you may be disappointed by the value for the money of the items which you can order from a menu.
6. Only purchase food items which you’ll actually use
If you take a quick look through your kitchen, you’ll probably find expired foods which you forgot to eat. It’s well worth making a mental note of the foods which you never finish, so that you can remove them from your weekly grocery list.
If you use all six of the finance tips listed above you should be able to save yourself thousands of dollars within a short 12 month period!

Why You Need a Family Pet

If you’re currently considering adopting a family pet, continue reading to discover why adopting a family pet may be one of the best decisions which you make this year.

Why You Need a Family Pet:

1. To help teach your kids about responsibility
One reason why it’s well worth adopting a family pet, is that you’ll be able to use your new family pet to teach your kids about the importance of taking on responsibility. As an example, you may agree to purchase a pet for your family if your kids agree to take turns looking after your pet.
For example, one kid may agree to take your pet for a walk every day, while another child may be willing to take on the responsibility of feeding your pet or brushing your pets fur.
2. To encourage your family to be more active
If you adopt an active pet such as a dog, your family will be far more likely to enjoy scenic walks together and to explore local walking tracks as a family. While your kids may be more willing to spend their weekends and evenings playing with your dog in your backyard.
3. To ensure that your kids spend time away from their smart phones and laptops
As many kids are addicted to their smart phones, tablets and laptops, by purchasing a pet, you may be able to convince your kids to spend time away from their electronic gadgets. For example, your kids may enjoy playing fetch with your dog in your backyard or cuddling up with a cat on their sofa. Depending on what type of pet you choose to adopt, your kids may even be able to teach your pet complicated tricks.
4. Pets provide unconditional love and support
Another reason why you can’t go wrong adopting a family pet is that animals provide their human owners with unconditional love and support. As an example, after an upsetting day you’ll gain a great amount of comfort by petting your pet or curling up with your pet on your sofa or bed.
Not only will you love the affection that your pet will provide you with but your children will also love being able to spend time with their pet after a hard day at school or when they’re dealing with issues with their friends.
5. Some types of pets such as dogs will deter intruders
Depending on the type of pet that you choose to adopt, your pet may deter would be intruders from trying to target your home. You may be interested to know that if potential robbers see a dog house in your back yard, they’ll be unlikely to target your home. As a dog can easily bark and alert you to an intruder’s presence.
6. To brighten your family member’s days
As pets are known for being adorable, you can be sure that your pet will brighten your day on a daily basis. After all, how you can be upset when your cat nuzzles your leg or your dog jumps up onto your lap for a bit of attention.
Hopefully, you’re now convinced of some of the many benefits associated with adopting a loveable pet into your family.