A List of Exotic Animals in The World

If you’re fascinated by wild animals and would love to learn about unique, exotic animals which you may never have heard of before, you’ve come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a list of rare exotic animals.

A list of exotic animals in the world:

1. Agouti
Agouti are small rodents which are native to South America and which choose to live in monogamous pairs.
2. Raccoon dogs
Racoon dogs are usually white or cream in color and look as if they are a hybrid between a raccoon and a dog, hence their name. Racoon dogs are native to Asia and popular pets in Europe, although owning a raccoon dog in the US is forbidden.
3. Hyrax
The Hyrax is one of the strangest looking animals in the world and are related to manatees and elephants although they look like a breed of rodent. However, just like elephants hyrax boast tusks. Although while elephants tusks are easily visible, hyrax’s tusks are hidden in their mouths.
4. Tayra
If you’ve never heard of a tayra, they are a rare species of weasel, which can be found in South America and Central America. One of the reasons why you may never have heard of a tayra before is that they struggle to reproduce and are a relatively rare animal.
5. Zorilla
No, a zorilla is not a deformed animal or a cross between a gorilla and another animal. If you’re curious zorilla are also a member of the weasel family and look much like a skunk. Zorilla are also sometimes referred to as striped pole cats.
6. Ring tailed cats
Ring tailed cats are not related to cats and are actually related to raccoons. As you can probably guess ring tailed cats have bushy tails which feature numerous rings. However ring tailed cats have a relatively plain body with no distinctive patterns or stripes.
7. Springhaas
Springhaas are native to Africa and are a rare type of bipedal rodent which hop around on two feet, just like a kangaroo. As springhaas struggle to breed, even zoos have a hard time trying to breed springhaas to exhibit. So you’ll be extremely lucky if you ever get to see a springhaas in captivity or in the wild.
8. Capybara
While capybara may look like oversized guinea pigs, capybara are actually the largest rodents in the world. You may be shocked to read that capybara normally weigh in excess of 60kg and that some capybara are heavier than small adult humans.
Capybara which are native to South America are also semi-aquatic and spend much of their days swimming. As a result individuals who adopt capybara as pets, require a large swimming pool for their capybara to swim in.
9. Snake necked turtles
Snake necked turtles have necks so long that they can’t tuck their heads away in their shells and are truly a sight to behold. Snake necked turtles are also unique as they are able to emit a foul smelling scent in order to protect themselves from potential predators, just like a skunk.
Hopefully you’ve learned about a few exotic animals, that you never knew existed. As well as a fun fun facts about each type of animal that featured in the list above.

Animal Battles: Hippo vs Croc and Lion vs Bear

If you’re curious about whether a hippo or a croc would be more likely to win a stand off in the wild or whether a grizzly bear or a lion would win a match up in captivity, simply continue reading.

Hippo vs croc: Which animal would win?
You may be surprised to learn that hippos are statistically more dangerous than crocodiles and that more individuals are killed each year by hippos in Africa, than any other African animal.
There are two primary reasons why hippos are so dangerous, the first being that hippos usually weigh between 1,300 kg and 1,800 kg. In comparison a crocodile usually weighs between 200 kg and 522 kg. The second reason why hippos are so deadly is that they have huge tusk like teeth.
As hippos are significantly heavier than crocodiles, hippos often dominate in fights between hippos and crocodiles. However, as crocodiles have thick scales to protect their skin and also have extremely sharp teeth, crocodiles are capable of winning fights against hippos. Especially as crocodiles have the ability to bite through hippos tough skin and have incredibly powerful jaws.
The tale of a hippo who killed a crocodile to avenge their friend’s death:
A hippo made international headlines when it fearlessly attacked multiple crocodiles in order to stop them from eating, their dead friend. You may be wondering why a single hippo would put themselves in danger in order to stop multiple crocodiles from feasting on their dead friend’s carcass. The simple answer is that hippos are known for being social creatures and can bond with their companions, just as humans do.
Another reason why the hippo in question may have attacked several crocodiles is to try and dissuade the group of crocodiles from returning to their home turf. As hippos are also known for being territorial creatures.
Lion vs bear: Which animal would come out on top?
If you think it’s unlikely that a lion would ever have to fight a bear, think again. As in the past, when animals were used in entertainment, humans would force different animals to fight each other for sport. In fact, there have already been numerous occasions in which a lion and a bear have been made to fight each other.
As an example, a cruel animal trained named Booner once forced an 850 pound grizzly bear named Siskiyou to fight one of his Lion’s named Parnell. In this instance, Parnell, the lion quickly killed Siskiyou the grizzly bear.
If you assumed that Booner would stop forcing his animals to fight, think again. Booner forced Parnell the lion to fight again and then started to acquire new grizzly bears and lions to fight each other. In all of the fights the lion came out on top and killed their adversary.
While most individuals in today’s society would be deeply disturbed by Booner’s actions, at the time many of Booner’s fights were featured in local and international newspapers. With some fights warranting graphic play by play descriptions of each fight.
In conclusion, while a lion and a grizzly bear will never be made to fight each other again, lions are definitely more powerful than grizzly bears and while hippos are more dangerous than crocodiles, either a crocodile or a hippo could win a fight in the wild.

The Most Beautiful Flowers in The World

If you appreciate the natural beauty of flowers, continue reading to discover a comprehensive list of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

The most beautiful flowers in the world:

1. Tulips
There are over 109 unique species of tulips in the world. If you love the idea of being able to take a photo in-front of thousands of blooming tulips, it’s well worth attending the Amsterdam Tulip Festival, which is located in the Netherlands.
The Amsterdam Tulip Festival is held in the small town of Lise and runs from March to May, each year. However, the best time to visit is from late April to early May, when you’ll see the majority of tulips blossom. If you visit, expect to see a wide variety of colorful tulips as tulips come in almost every color imaginable.
2. Orchids
Orchids are incredibly beautiful and are well known for their geometric shaped petals. You may be interested to learn that different color orchids signify different sentiments. As an example, pink orchids are often presented as a token of affection, while orchids which boast a pink and white hue usually express sympathy. Which is why you may see pink and white orchids at a funeral.
Lastly, did you know that orchids are often exchanged by married couples who celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary. As orchids represent eternal love.
3. Sunflowers
Sunflowers are universally loved and are associated with the sun as well as with positive feelings such as joy, warmth and longevity. One of the reasons why sunflowers are so popular is that boast large, oversized flowers that instantly add a bit of color to a garden or a room.
If you’re ever tasked with purchasing flowers for an individual that you don’t know well, such as a colleague or an extended family member, you can’t go wrong purchasing a few cheerful sunflowers.
4. Lillies
While some individuals shy away from planting lilies as white lilies are often associated with funerals and death, there are actually a wide array of different color lilies to choose from. As an example, lilies which feature pink and white petals are associated with wealth and prosperity and don’t have any negative connotations to worry about.
5. Daffodils
Daffodils often mark the start of spring and are a welcome sight after a long, cold winter season. One fact about daffodils that you may not be aware of is that in China, daffodils are celebrated as they are thought to bring individuals great fortunes. However in China, it’s seen as extremley unlucky to be gifted a single daffodil. As a single daffodil is thought to produce bad luck and misfortune.
Do daffodils have any special associations in the western world? Yes, daffodils are associated with honesty, forgiveness and openness.
6. Lotus
Lotus flowers are unique as they blossom in waterways such as in lakes, ponds and canals. Although lotus blossoms are also known for their distinctive shape and their large petals, which open for a short period of time.
If you’d like to see photos of some of the most beautiful flowers in the world it’s a great idea to search for the most beautiful flowers in the world images.

Everything That You Need To Know About Lalique Creations

If you’re interested in purchasing a Lalique creation, either as a gift for a loved one or as a treat for yourself, simply continue reading to discover a quick guide to Lalique creations.

Everything that you need to know about Lalique creations:
1. There are no shortage of sellers peddling Lalique fakes on eBay
If you have your heart set on purchasing an authentic Lalique creation such as a vase, a perfume bottle, an art piece or a piece of jewellery, make sure to purchase your item from a reputable seller. As unfortunately there are far too many individuals trying to sell fake Lalique items on auction sites such as eBay.
2. All of the products which Lalique produce are manufactured at Alsace Glassworks
While most businesses who manufacture products for a large, international audience use multiple factories in different cities around the world to produce their wares, all of Lalique’s products are produced at Alsace Glassworks. The latter of which is located in Wingen-sur-Moder, which is located in the north of France. When it was opened in 1921, the factory was named the Verrerie d’Alsasce.
3. Lalique currently produces five different types of products
The five different types of products which Lalique currently offers are perfume bottles, art, jewellery pieces, interior design items and decorative items. However in the past Lalique was also known for producing a wide variety of items from hood ornaments to paper weights and book ends.
4. Lalique was founded by Rene Lalique
Rene Lalique first started working for a reputable jewellery business when he was just 16 years old. By the time Lalique turned 21, he had already started to work as freelance jeweller for some of the top jewellery stores in Paris. Five years later at the age of 26 Lalique opened his own workshop. However, it wasn’t until Lalique turned 29, that he started to design and sell glass artwork as well as hand crafted jewellery pieces.
5. Rene Lalique’s son inherited his business
When Rene Lalique passed away in 1945, his son Marc inherited his business. Under Marc’s direction, Lalique moved away from producing glass pieces and started focusing on producing crystal pieces. If you were wondering if the Lalique family still owned Lalique, the answer is no. Since 2010 Lalique has been a property of Art & Fragrance.
6. During his lifetime Rene Lalique produced over 300 unique perfume bottles
Rene Lalique was passionate about producing small, decorative perfume bottles and produced over 300 perfume bottles during his career. To this day Lalique perfume bottles are in hot demand and are the perfect gift for men or women who enjoy wearing perfume or cologne.
If you’re looking for a sentimental gift that a loved one will cherish and hold onto as a family heirloom, it’s well worth hand selecting a Lalique perfume bottle for your special man or woman.
7. One of Lalique’s most famous art pieces is the Oiseau de Feu
The Oiseau de Feu is a large glass artwork which depicts a phoenix and which was crafted by Rene Lalique himself in 1922.
So if you’re convinced that a Lalique item would make the perfect gift for a loved one or you’re tempted to purchase a Lalique item for yourself, just make sure that the item which you purchase is genuine.

Banned Cartoons: Cartoon Episodes That You’ll Never Get To See

If you thought that cartoons were designed for kids, think again. In fact some episodes of popular cartoons have been banned for their content.

Banned cartoons: Cartoon episodes that you’ll never get to see

1. Electric Soldier Porygon – Pokemon
Electric Soldier Porygon was the name of a Pokemon episode which was banned after it caused 700 children to be sent to hospital. You may be wondering, how could a seemingly harmless episode of Pokemon send hundreds of children to hospital?
The simple answer is that one of its scenes contained red and blue strobing lights which were powerful enough to send 700 children to hospital. Some of the children who were effected experienced blurry vision and naseua, while some children were later diagnosed with epilepsy.
2. One Beer – Tiny Toons Adventures
An episode of Tiny Toons Adventures which was titled One Beer was quickly banned for its risky storyline. In the controversial episode the main characters steal beer from a fridge. A strange plot choice for a cartoon aimed at young children. Worse yet, once the characters stole a beer, they proceeded to peer pressure each other to taste it.
3. The Littlest Tramp – Mighty Mouse Adventures
Cartoons being banned for their content is not a novel concept, in 1987 an episode of Mighty Mouse Adventures titled The Little Tramp was banned after viewers complained that Mighty Mouse was snorting cocaine.
However, the producers of the show, tried to defend the episode by claiming that Mighty Mouse was snorting a crushed up flower. As you can probably tell, their viewers and broadcasting authorities did not buy their excuse.
4. Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips was pulled from air after it showed Bugs Bunny being chased by Japanese soldiers who were made to look like clowns. As a result this episode was soon banned by Warner Bros due to its unacceptable, racist undertones.
5. Buffalo Girls – Cow and Chicken
Buffalo Girls was an episode of the popular 90s cartoon Cow and Chicken which was banned due to its homophobic jokes. As the episode featured 7 whole minutes of crude, descriptive homophobic jokes.
6. Flying Dupes – Tale Spin
Flying Dupes which was an episode of the cartoon Tale Spin was pulled off the air due its serious terrorism focused plot. Which involved one of the main characters Baloo being tricked into flying a bomb to a military official, which the villain hoped would incite a full scale war. While Baloo was unaware that he was inadvertently transporting a bomb, audiences were obviously offended by this particular episode of Tale Spin.
7. Beauty and the Beast – Pokemon
You may be surprised to see a second Pokemon episode feature on this list of banned cartoon episodes. This time the episode Beauty and the Beast, which featured in the first season of Pokemon was banned as it was seen to promote bullying. As one of the main character’s Misty, was body shamed for having a flat chest by some of the other female characters. One character Jessie even taught Misty by wearing a swimsuit which featured fake oversized breasts.
So don’t be too surprised if you never see any of the episodes listed above screened on TV. As there are definitely cartoon episodes that are not kid friendly.

9 Facts About The Bionic Tower

If you’re interested in learning about proposed megastructures, it’s well worth reading about China’s plans to build a vertical city called the Bionic Tower. To discover all the latest developments about the proposed Bionic Tower, simply continue reading.

Facts about the Bionic Tower China:

1. It has been designed to feature 300 levels
If the Bionic Tower is built it will have 300 floors and should accomodate 100,000 residents. Which will make the Bionic Tower the world’s very first vertical city.
2. The Bionic Tower would be approximately 4,000 feet tall
To give you a sense of how tall the Bionic Tower would be, the Burj Khalifa which is one of the tallest buildings in the world, stands at 2,717 feet tall. While the Shanghai Tower, which is one of the tallest buildings in China stands at 2,074 feet tall. So if the Bionic Tower is built it will break numerous world records.
3. Construction of the Bionic Tower may begin in 2020
Construction of the Bionic Tower has been slated for 2020. However, there are still a few hurdles which the Bionic Tower will need to pass before construction of the tower will be allowed to take place. If construction is allowed to take place in 2020, the tower is estimated to open in 2027. Two years after the tower is set to be completed in 2025.
4. It would take at least 16 billion US dollars to build
If the Bionic Tower is built to its current specifications and design, it will take a minimum of 16 billion US dollars to build.
5. There are currently two proposed locations for the Bionic Tower
There are currently two viable locations for the Bionic Tower, Shanghai and Hong Kong, both of which are being seriously considered. Both locations are international hubs and would make the perfect locations for the world’s very first vertical city.
6. The Bionic Tower would feature a wide variety of amenities and facilities
Some examples of some of the amenities and facilities which residents would be able to take advantage of include sports complexes, theaters and public gardens.
7. The Bionic Tower would also offer shopping complexes, hotels and commercial offices
While the primary use of the Bionic Tower would be as a residential complex, the tower would also have plenty of space to house multiple shopping complexes, hotels and commercial offices. Which would make the tower a business hub and a commercial hub.
8. The Bionic Tower was designed by three highly regarded Spanish architects
If you assumed that the Bionic Tower was designed by a Chinese architect, you’re mistaken as the Bionic Tower’s blueprints were drafted by a team of three architects from Spain. Eloy Celaya, Maria Rosa Cervera and Javier Gomez.
9. The Bionic Tower would feature 368 elevators
To ensure that individuals would easily be able to move freely throughout the tower, the Bionic Tower has been designed to offer 368 elevators.
After reading about the Bionic Tower construction plans, hopefully you’re excited about the prospect of visiting the world’s first vertical city. As you’ll be able to book a hotel room in the Bionic Tower, even if you’re not interested in living full time in the Bionic Tower.

Where is The Deepest Body of Water in The World

If you’re interested in learning a wide variety of fascinating facts about the deepest body of water in the world, simply continue reading.

Where is the deepest body of water in the world?
The deepest body of the world is the Pacific Ocean and the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean is the Mariana Trench. The Mariana Trench is located 200km east of the Mariana Islands and is thought to be around 32,000 feet deep.
Facts about the Mariana Trench:
1. You could fit the whole of Mt Everest in the Mariana Trench
You may be surprised to learn that Mt Everest would comfortably fit inside the Mariana Trench, with plenty of room to spare.
2. The deepest part of the Mariana Trench is named the Challenger Deep
The Challenger Deep was named after the HMS Challenger II, which is a submersible which was used to explore the Mariana Trench. In 1995 the HMS Challenger II was able to dive down to 35,790 feet. Which was the deepest a man made craft had ever explored. From the video footage which was taken, scientists have since been able to learn a lot about the Mariana Trench’s mysteries.
3. It is one of the coldest spots in the world
The Mariana Trench is extremely cold and is thought to be between 34 degrees Fahrenheit and 39 degrees Fahrenheit. As such the trench is one of the coldest places in the world.
4. There are hot water vents on the sea floor
There are actually hot water vents which are located on the sea floor of the Mariana Trench. These vents produce minerals which are consumed by bacteria, which are in turn eaten by the fish who live in the trench.
5. The floor of the trench is yellow
Why is the seabed of the Mariana Trench yellow? As there are so many dead and decaying plants and sea creatures which decompose in the trench, the trench’s sea bed has turned yellow.
6. James Cameron the director of Titanic and Avatar has explored part of the Mariana Trench
Cameron used his connections in order to explore part of the trench in a state of the art submerisble in order to collect video footage and photos of the Mariana Trench. During his journey Cameron also collected specimens from the trench for scientists to study.
7. Scientists believe that the trench is around 180 millions old
If it’s true that the Mariana Trench is approximately 180 millions years old, it will boast one of the oldest seabeds in the world.
8. The Mariana Trench is shaped like a semi circle or a crescent
Most individuals would be surprised to learn the trench is actually shaped like a semi circle or a crescent moon.
9. The trench was first discovered in 1875
Mankind has been aware of the Mariana Trench since 1875, when it was detected by sound equipment on the HMS Challenger. Which was on a mission to circumnavigate the globe.
10. President George Bush named the trench as a national monument
In 2009 US President George W Bush named the Mariana Trench as a national monument.
Hopefully, you’re now inspired to learn more information about the Pacific Ocean and the Mariana Trench. Both of which are fascinating to study.

Useful Tips On How To Display Dolls On Shelves

If you’re an avid doll collector and are looking for tips on how to safely display your dolls in an attractive manner, simply continue reading to discover how to display dolls on shelves.

Useful tips on how to display dolls on shelves:

1. Make sure that your doll collection is stored in a temperature controlled room
Ideally you should aim to store your doll collection in a temperature controlled room. As it’s not a wise idea to display your dolls in a room which is exposed to extreme temperatures.
2. Avoid crowding your dolls
While you may be tempted to crowd your dolls together, especially if you’re short on space, doing so may damage your dolls clothing. Instead, if you’re short on space create multiple rows of shelves, which you can stack on top of each other, to make the most of your limited wall space.
3. Consider displaying your dolls as part of scenes or tableaus
As an example, if you’re looking for a unique way to display your collection of vintage dolls, you may want to arrange them in a scene, using vintage doll furniture.
4. Decide whether you’d prefer to display your dolls by era or manufacturer
Some individuals prefer displaying their dolls by era, while other doll collectors prefer displaying their dolls by manufacturer. The choice is up to you and there is no right or wrong choice.
5. Consider displaying some of your dolls in a time line
You may want to display your dolls in a straight line on your shelf, with your oldest dolls on the left of your shelf and your newest dolls on the right. So that your dolls are displayed in a fun time line. This is a particularly effective idea if you use it to display dolls from the same manufacturer. As an example, you could display a Barbie collection this way to show the progression of Barbie dolls over the years.
Alternative ways of displaying your dolls:
1. Consider keeping any expensive porcelain dolls in a large glass cabinet
If you’re the proud owner of a priceless collection of limited edition porcelain dolls, you may seriously want to consider displaying your collection in a large glass cabinet. So that you don’t have to worry about guests accidentally damaging one of your precious dolls.
2. Display your dolls in a spare room
If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare room in your home to display your doll collection, you can place your dolls on a bed in your spare room as well as on a few floating shelves.
3. If you own baby dolls, consider placing them in vintage prams or in a minature crib
If you enjoy collecting baby dolls, it’s a fun idea to display some of your favorite baby dolls in a vintage pram or in a miniature crib. If you have trouble finding a suitable miniature crib, you may want to search for miniature toy cribs which are targeted towards children. As if you pick a classic wood style, no one will be able to tell that you didn’t purchase an expensive miniature crib.
So if you’ve been searching for innovative ideas for displaying dolls, hopefully you’ve found a few ideas which take your fancy.

Exotic Pets and Exciting Animal Encounters

If you’re interested in adopting an exciting exotic pet or you’re interested in booking a once in a lifetime animal encounter, simply continue reading.

The Best exotic pets to own:

1. Tarantulas
Yes, that’s right it’s possible to own a pet tarantula. While purchasing a tarantula is a big commitment as they can live for up to 10 years, tarantulas are relatively low maintenance. In fact tarantulas only need to be fed 1-2 times a week.
2. Fennec foxes
Fennec foxes are known for their cute looks and their giant oversized ears and originated in the Saharan and Arabian deserts. As fennec foxes only weigh between 1.5 pounds to 3 pounds, fennec foxes can be housed in residential homes. If you’re looking for a highly intelligent pet and don’t mind adopting a pet which can be stubborn at times, you may want to find out more information about owning a fennec fox.
Just keep in mind that if you decide to go ahead and purchase a fennec fox, you’ll need to ensure that you fox proof your backyard, so that it doesn’t escape. As foxes of all breeds are natural escape artists.
3. Burmese pythons
Did you know that Burmese pythons are among the five largest snake species in the world? If you have previous experience taking care of a pet snake, you may be open to the challenge of owning a Burmese python. Just ensure that you have the funds to take care of a Burmese python as they can be expensive to feed. On the plus side Burmese pythons make stunning pets and are interesting to observe on a daily basis.
4. Savannah cats
Savannah cats are part domestic cat and part serval. While it’s possible to own a wild serval, servals are extremely dangerous to own and it’s a much safer option to opt for a savannah cat. Especially as they have been bred to have friendly natures. If you raise a savannah cat from a kitten it should behave much like a domestic cat.
Exciting animal encounters to tick off your bucket list:
1. Swim with sharks Costa Rica
If you’re not afraid to hop into a shark cage and to be lowered down into shark infested waters in order to get a close up view of wild sharks, it’s well worth swimming with sharks in Costa Rica. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be face to face with a shark, it’s well worth ticking cage diving with sharks off your bucket list.
2. Book a gorilla trek in Uganda
For the adventure of a lifetime, it’s well worth booking a flight to Uganda. As you’ll be able to book a gorilla trek through Uganda’s rainforest. As an example, you may want to book a 5 day gorilla trek through the Bwindi Forest National Park, which features steep challenging terrain.
However, as you’ll have an experienced guide with you, there’s nothing to fear. However, nothing will prepare you for the moment when you first catch a glimpse of a gorilla troop in the wild. Especially after slogging your way through treacherous terrain.
So there you have it, some of the best exotic pets to own as well as two exciting animal encounters, which you should consider booking.

The Top Beach Travel Destinations

As the best travel destinations boast stunning world class beaches, it’s well worth continuing reading in order to discover 3 of the world’s top beach destinations.

The Top Beach Travel Destinations:

1. Madagascar
If you enjoy exotic beach destinations which are located off the beaten tourist track, it’s well worth planning a trip to Madagascar. If you’ve never heard of Madagascar, it’s an island nation which is located off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. As its located in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar boasts the perfect temperature for a fun filled beach destination.
If you’re interested, it’s a great idea to visit Nosy Be, a tranquil island which is located off the coast of Madagascar’s largest island and which is well known for it’s picturesque beaches. The most popular of which is Nosy Sakatia, where you’ll be able to snorkel with turtles.
If you tire of swimming and snorkelling, you’ll also be able to visit Lumuria Land and the Lokobe Strict Reserve, both of which are teeming with cute, inquisitive lemurs. Alternatively, you may want to explore Nosy Be’s volcano, which the locals refer to as Mont Passot.
2. Vietnam
If Thailand is too crowded for your tastes, you may want to consider visiting Vietnam. Where you won’t have any difficulties finding a quiet stretch of a beach to sunbathe on. One beach which is definitely worth visiting is Long Beach, which offers a 2000 mile long beach, which boasts unbelievably soft white sand. If you’re a fan of water sports, you’ll be able to rent a kayak, jet ski or stand up paddle board from the beach huts which are dotted along Long Beach.
Another beach which you should add to your travel itinerary is Star Beach, which is quieter than Long Beach but which offers crystal clear water and tall palm trees. If you spend the day at Star Beach, make sure to stick around when the sun goes down as when the sun goes down, the beach lights up due to the luminescent plankton which are found in the beach’s water.
While you may be tempted to spend your entire vacation exploring picture perfect beaches, while you’re in Vietnam you should also talk the time to explore a few Buddhist temples. If you have an interest in history there are also numerous museums dedicated to telling the story of the Vietnam War.
3. Cuba
While you may think of vintage American cars, historic buildings and cigars, when you think of Cuba, Cuba is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.
If you love peace and tranquility head to Cayo Largo del Sur, an island which is located off the coast of mainland Cuba which is known for its luxurious beach resorts. Not only is the Cayo Largo del Sur a peaceful destination but it also boasts long sandy beaches and warm turquoise water. Just make sure to keep an eye out for sea turtles as they are known to bask on the island’s warm sandy beaches.
No matter whether you choose to fly to Vietnam, Cuba or Madagascar, you’ll be sure to enjoy a vacation which you’ll never forget!