• The way people consume advertisements has changed. Gone are the days of expending a fortune in ads everywhere and hope for conversion rates to go up. With the advent of YouTube and a dozen other online video services, people can watch anything, at any time, and anywhere. For a business, knowing where to place your ads with so many options… [Continue Reading]

    How to Effectively Grow Your Brand with Video Ads on Youtube
  • The events industry in Edinburgh is rife with flourishing enterprises. The economic and social nature of the city makes it conducive to conduct any kind of business under the sun, and with occasions and celebrations at the centre of human activity, event planning is at the forefront of the most successful businesses around. Whether it’s business, celebrations or sport, there… [Continue Reading]

    Common Challenges Faced By Edinburgh’s Event Planners And Their Solutions
  • There was a time when Neil Woodford was the best-known and most-trusted investment fund manager in the United Kingdom, and probably all of Europe. He was the man with the golden touch, and he could do no wrong. At one point, he had more than £33bn in funds under his personal management – more than any other fund manager in… [Continue Reading]

    Investment News: How Neil Woodford Lost The Midas Touch

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