• No one wants to deal with an ant infestation. However, because ants can get in very tiny cracks and holes, it’s actually more common than you might think to have ants in your home. What can you do to avoid issues with ants? Whether you have ants right now or you’re just looking for a way to stay ant-free, here… [Continue Reading]

    6 Tips For Getting Rid of Ants in Your Home
  • I never considered the challenges Iowa faced from COVID-19 until I read this article. The commentary by Victor Restis, a Greek shipping magnate out of Athens, Greece, was insightful as well. Restis said the entire shipping industry was ultimately affected, but I wouldn’t have translated that to the U.S. state of Iowa. Supply chains run long and deep and virtually… [Continue Reading]

    Victor Restis Comments on Iowa Supply Chain Woes
  • An international crisis has had us stuck indoors for over three months. Since the corona virus has struck each nation each country has had to undergo unparalleled restrictions to their movements along with who they can see. Understandably there have been huge numbers of reported mental health issues related to this pandemic as a result of the disruption caused to… [Continue Reading]

    William Seegmiller – Quarantines With Panache. Three Affordable Home Improvements To Add Some New Style To Your Home While in Lock Down

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