Whether you’re aware of some of the basic principles of Feng Shui or you’re new to the world of Feng Shui, simply continue reading to discover a few unique Feng Shui tips to try out.

Unique Feng Shui Tips:

1. Use gold items to decorate your home and to attract wealth and abundance
If you follow Feng Shui, you’ll know that in the practice of Feng Shui, the color gold can be used to attract wealth and abundance. One simple way to incorporate gold elements into your home’s decor is to use gold accents in your interior decor.
As examples, you may want to use gold frames in order to display your family photos as well as your favorite pieces of art. Alternatively, you may be interested in purchasing gold vases and mirrors in order to add a touch of gold to your home.
If you’re not a fan of gold decorations, you can also opt to use purple decorations to add a bit of color to your home. As in Feng Shui purple is also associated with money and wealth.
2. Place a small water feature in your home
In Feng Shui running water is often associated with wealth. So it’s a great idea to place a small water feature, such as a small water fountain in your home. If it’s not feasible to have a water feature in your home, simply place a painting of a waterfall in your bedroom, office or lounge, in order to attract unlimited wealth into your life.
Alternatively, you may want to place a water fountain, which runs into a decorative pond, in your garden. Which is a particularly great idea if you feel at peace, when you’re spending quiet time in your garden.
3. Place healing crystals around your home
It’s also a fun idea to place healing crystals around your home as in Feng Shui crystals are thought to emit positive energy. As crystals are found deep in the Earth and contain abundant energy from the Earth’s core. One example of a crystal, which you may want to display in your home is Amethyst, which can purify the energy in your home. Other crystals which have healing energies include pyrite, citrine and clear quartz. The latter of which will also help you attract money into your life.
4. Place multiple mirrors around your home
Why should you place mirrors around your home? In the study and practice of Feng Shui mirrors are thought to provide individuals with positive new opportunities to improve their lives. As an added benefit mirrors are also thought to attract joy, light and love into individual’s lives.
5. Rid your home of unnecessary clutter
While clutter may seem harmless, in Feng Shui having a cluttered home can lead to feeling confused or overwhelmed. So it’s definitely well worth taking some time out of your busy day in order to rid your home of all of the items which you no longer want or need. As a bonus, by ridding your home of clutter, you’ll show the universe that you’re ready to receive new items and a abundance of wealth.
Regardless of whether you’re previously studied Feng Shui or you’re interested in using the principles of Feng Shui to your advantage, it’s well worth keeping the five tips listed above in mind.

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