If you’re a fan of Emmanuelle Chriqui, simply continue reading to discover a list of 10 fascinating facts about Emmanuelle Chriqui. If you’re lucky you may even discover a fact about Chriqui that surprises you.

Everything that you need to know about Emmanuelle Chriqui:

1. Emmanuelle Chirqui is a successful actress who has appeared in movies as well as tv shows
Some examples of Emmanuelle Chriqui movies and tv shows include Entourage, the Mentalist, Shut Eye, Super Troopers 2, The Borgias and Wrong Turn.
Chirqui is best known for her reoccurring role as Sloan Mc Quewick in the hit tv series Entourage, which was shown between 2004 and 2011. As Chirqui’s character was popular with Entourage fans, Chriqui was asked to reprise her role in the film Entourage which was released in 2015. Due to fan interest in an Entourage movie.
2. Chirqui was born in Canada
If you assumed that Chirqui was born in the US, think again. Emmanuelle Chirqui was born on the 10th of December, 1975, in Montreal, Canada. Chirqui later moved to Vancouver with her parents and her siblings.
3. Chirqui’s first role as a child actress was in a Mc Donalds commercial
Emmanuelle Chirqui has been acting since she was a child. Chirqui’s first paid role was in a Mc Donalds commercial, when she was just 10 years old. If you’re familiar with the show Are You Afraid of The Dark, you may have watched Chirqui in one of her first tv roles.
4. Chirqui starred in a film with Beyonce Knowles
You may be surprised to learn that Chirqui has appeared in a film with Beyonce. Both ladies starred in the movie Cadillac Records.
5. She has voiced a character in a video game
Emmanuelle Chirqui voiced a character in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops, which was released in 2010.
6. Her parents were born in Morocco
While Chirqui was born in Canada both of her parents were born in Morocco.
7. Chirqui has voiced a cartoon character
Chirqui provided the voice for Cheetara, a character who appeared in the 2011 cartoon series Thundercats. However, she has yet to voice an animated character in a feature film.
8. She has appeared in numerous ads throughout her career
Some examples of some of the products which Chirqui has previously promoted include Eclipse gum, Budweiser beer and Baume & Mercrier. The latter of which is a brand which produces Swiss watches.
9. She can fluenty speak French
Although Chirqui is yet to appear in a French film, she is a fluent French speaker.
10. She has appeared in a few well known music video
Chirqui was the star of Hinder’s music video for their songLips of an Angel, which was first released back in 2005. If you’re a fan of Chirqui, it’s well worth searching Youtube for a video clip of the official video.
Hopefully you have discovered at least a couple of fun new facts about Emmanuelle Chriqui. So what are you waiting for why not binge watch a few of her movies and tv shows?

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