In order to ensure that your future business trips are fuss free and comfortable, continue reading to discover a wide array of invaluable business travel tips.

Business Travel Tips:

1. Try to book your flights through a single airline
It’s well worth making an effort to book all of your future business flights through a single airline. So that you can quickly earn reward points, which you’ll be able to use on free flights. As you may be surprised at just how quickly you accumulate reward points, if you travel for business on a frequent basis.
2. Select seats on planes which are located next to exits
In order to ensure that you’re one of the first individuals to get off your flights, it’s a great idea to book seats on planes which are located right next to each plane’s exit. So that you’ll be able to get through security and customs as quickly as possible. Especially if you plan on heading straight from a flight to an important meeting.
3. Travel with two smart phones
While you may be able to get away with traveling with a single smart phone, if you carry around a charger or an extra battery pack, it’s a great idea to travel with two smart phones. That way if you have any issues with one smart phone, you won’t be stuck without a way to contact your clients, suppliers or business partners. As an example, you may to travel with your personal smart phone as well as the smart phone which you use to make business calls.
4. Opt to fly with airlines which offer affordably priced in-flight internet
While in the past you may not have been able to access the internet during your flights, these days a growing number of international airlines have begun to offer affordable, reliable internet. That you’ll be able to use in order to respond to important business emails. In-flight internet is especially important when you take long haul flights over 6 hours. As you may receive urgent emails that require a quick, timely response.
5. Make the most of business lounges
If you travel for business on a regular basis, it’s well worth purchasing access to business lounges. As you’ll be able to conduct business on your laptop and smart phone in a comfortable area, which offers food and drinks as well as a fast, reliable internet connection. Some business lounges even offer showers, which you can use to freshen up before or after a long haul flight. Which is especially useful if you plan on traveling straight from a flight to a business meeting.
If you’re not interested in purchasing a yearly membership to a business class lounge, many lounges around the world offer day passes, which you can pick up for a small amount of money.
6. Invest in a high quality pair of noise cancelling headphones
In order to be able to work on the go, make sure to invest in a pair of high quality, noise cancelling headphones.
So if you foresee yourself traveling for business on a regular basis in the future, it’s well worth testing out as many of the six travel tips listed above as possible.

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