If you thought that cartoons were designed for kids, think again. In fact some episodes of popular cartoons have been banned for their content.

Banned cartoons: Cartoon episodes that you’ll never get to see

1. Electric Soldier Porygon – Pokemon
Electric Soldier Porygon was the name of a Pokemon episode which was banned after it caused 700 children to be sent to hospital. You may be wondering, how could a seemingly harmless episode of Pokemon send hundreds of children to hospital?
The simple answer is that one of its scenes contained red and blue strobing lights which were powerful enough to send 700 children to hospital. Some of the children who were effected experienced blurry vision and naseua, while some children were later diagnosed with epilepsy.
2. One Beer – Tiny Toons Adventures
An episode of Tiny Toons Adventures which was titled One Beer was quickly banned for its risky storyline. In the controversial episode the main characters steal beer from a fridge. A strange plot choice for a cartoon aimed at young children. Worse yet, once the characters stole a beer, they proceeded to peer pressure each other to taste it.
3. The Littlest Tramp – Mighty Mouse Adventures
Cartoons being banned for their content is not a novel concept, in 1987 an episode of Mighty Mouse Adventures titled The Little Tramp was banned after viewers complained that Mighty Mouse was snorting cocaine.
However, the producers of the show, tried to defend the episode by claiming that Mighty Mouse was snorting a crushed up flower. As you can probably tell, their viewers and broadcasting authorities did not buy their excuse.
4. Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips was pulled from air after it showed Bugs Bunny being chased by Japanese soldiers who were made to look like clowns. As a result this episode was soon banned by Warner Bros due to its unacceptable, racist undertones.
5. Buffalo Girls – Cow and Chicken
Buffalo Girls was an episode of the popular 90s cartoon Cow and Chicken which was banned due to its homophobic jokes. As the episode featured 7 whole minutes of crude, descriptive homophobic jokes.
6. Flying Dupes – Tale Spin
Flying Dupes which was an episode of the cartoon Tale Spin was pulled off the air due its serious terrorism focused plot. Which involved one of the main characters Baloo being tricked into flying a bomb to a military official, which the villain hoped would incite a full scale war. While Baloo was unaware that he was inadvertently transporting a bomb, audiences were obviously offended by this particular episode of Tale Spin.
7. Beauty and the Beast – Pokemon
You may be surprised to see a second Pokemon episode feature on this list of banned cartoon episodes. This time the episode Beauty and the Beast, which featured in the first season of Pokemon was banned as it was seen to promote bullying. As one of the main character’s Misty, was body shamed for having a flat chest by some of the other female characters. One character Jessie even taught Misty by wearing a swimsuit which featured fake oversized breasts.
So don’t be too surprised if you never see any of the episodes listed above screened on TV. As there are definitely cartoon episodes that are not kid friendly.

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