If you’re curious about whether a hippo or a croc would be more likely to win a stand off in the wild or whether a grizzly bear or a lion would win a match up in captivity, simply continue reading.

Hippo vs croc: Which animal would win?
You may be surprised to learn that hippos are statistically more dangerous than crocodiles and that more individuals are killed each year by hippos in Africa, than any other African animal.
There are two primary reasons why hippos are so dangerous, the first being that hippos usually weigh between 1,300 kg and 1,800 kg. In comparison a crocodile usually weighs between 200 kg and 522 kg. The second reason why hippos are so deadly is that they have huge tusk like teeth.
As hippos are significantly heavier than crocodiles, hippos often dominate in fights between hippos and crocodiles. However, as crocodiles have thick scales to protect their skin and also have extremely sharp teeth, crocodiles are capable of winning fights against hippos. Especially as crocodiles have the ability to bite through hippos tough skin and have incredibly powerful jaws.
The tale of a hippo who killed a crocodile to avenge their friend’s death:
A hippo made international headlines when it fearlessly attacked multiple crocodiles in order to stop them from eating, their dead friend. You may be wondering why a single hippo would put themselves in danger in order to stop multiple crocodiles from feasting on their dead friend’s carcass. The simple answer is that hippos are known for being social creatures and can bond with their companions, just as humans do.
Another reason why the hippo in question may have attacked several crocodiles is to try and dissuade the group of crocodiles from returning to their home turf. As hippos are also known for being territorial creatures.
Lion vs bear: Which animal would come out on top?
If you think it’s unlikely that a lion would ever have to fight a bear, think again. As in the past, when animals were used in entertainment, humans would force different animals to fight each other for sport. In fact, there have already been numerous occasions in which a lion and a bear have been made to fight each other.
As an example, a cruel animal trained named Booner once forced an 850 pound grizzly bear named Siskiyou to fight one of his Lion’s named Parnell. In this instance, Parnell, the lion quickly killed Siskiyou the grizzly bear.
If you assumed that Booner would stop forcing his animals to fight, think again. Booner forced Parnell the lion to fight again and then started to acquire new grizzly bears and lions to fight each other. In all of the fights the lion came out on top and killed their adversary.
While most individuals in today’s society would be deeply disturbed by Booner’s actions, at the time many of Booner’s fights were featured in local and international newspapers. With some fights warranting graphic play by play descriptions of each fight.
In conclusion, while a lion and a grizzly bear will never be made to fight each other again, lions are definitely more powerful than grizzly bears and while hippos are more dangerous than crocodiles, either a crocodile or a hippo could win a fight in the wild.

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